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Basic instructions to enjoy the excursions from Menorca to Cavall

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Do you provide helmets?
Yes, all our riders are equipped with helmets that are of approved safety standard for horse riding.

What clothing should I wear?
We recommend long pants and sports shoes or a closed shoe. Flip Flops are not suitable for riding because they do not protect the foot. If you don´t have the correct footwear, you can bring with you some socks and we will leave you riding boots.

Can my whole family participate in an excursion?
Yes, your whole family can enjoy our excursions. Children from the age of 3 can ride with an adult on the same horse with a double saddle. From the age of 6 children can ride alone, if necessary the guide will lead them with a rope for more safety.

I´ve never ridden a horse. Can I go on an excursión?
Yes, we provide one of our calmest horses so that you can enjoy the excursion in complete serenity. If you prefer, it is possible that one of our guides will help you by means of a rope throughout the journey.

I´m an experienced horse rider. Will I enjoy this?
Yes, we will provide you with a horse in accordance with your level of competence. When we verify that you have control of it, on the excursion you can practice jogging and galloping as long as the terrain is suitable for doing so. If possible we make level groups of the same level so that all riders enjoy to the maximum according to their riding experience.

What type of horse will I be riding?
We have over 20 horses, all well cared for and well trained solely in carrying out our routes. Our guides will choose the best horse for you according to your physical requirements and your horse riding proficiency, so that you are able to enjoy to the maximum your excursion experience. Notwithstanding, should you have any particular preferences, please don´t hesitate to mention these to our guides, who will do all possible to satisfy your needs.