Selle français x Quarter Appaloosa - born 31/03/2012. Since very little has had much contact with people and is very confident, curious and loving. It has a very good hindquarters. It will surely be a very powerful and tough horse.


Pura Raza Menorquina (PRM) - born in 01/04/2013. He has a very good character. Only birth and was left to touch, and now loves to be scratched back and belly. Very quiet, but active, curious and nothing scary.


Raza Menorquina (chestnut) x Quarter Appaloosa - born in 06/12/2011. When she was little was very nervious and distrustful, but now she is very affectionate and lovely. She will surely have nerve and the rump of Quarter Horse will be powerful and fast. It will not be very high.