Our horses

How people, the horses have each their own character, their own virtues and, of course, their own defects. We should not judge a horse how we would do it with a machine, deciding whether "going well" or "malfunction". We must appreciate the best of each and also respect their little flaws. 

At the same time, there is neither the best or the worst horse, because each of them may be ideal for some people and not understood by others. Each horse has its ideal rider and vice versa.

Here you have a brief description of our horses trying to transmit to you this idea.


Female - Breed: Troton X Selle français - 2004 - Perfect horse for a experienced riders. She has a lot of energy and she's always ready to gallop.


Male - Mountain horse - 2008 - not very fast, but very strong and very active


Female - Breed: French saddle - 2005 - frightened but noble, fast and powerful


Male - Breed: Menorcan (PRM) X Spanish/Andalusian (PRE) - 2004 - Ideal for excursions. With beginners he walk quietly, and he can gallop quickly with experienced riders


Female - Breed: French saddle - 2006 - young and strong, ideal for long routes


Female - Breed: PRE x Hispanic-breton - 2011 - young and energic, not very fast but very strong and tough mare.


Female - Breed: Selle française x Hispanic-breton - 2011 - She is very corpulent, tall and big. He is young and has energy to trot and gallop, but also has a very calm character ideal for beginners.


Male - Pony - 1992 - Ideal for children


Female - Breed: Spanish horse (PRE) - 1995 - She can be rode for all riding levels, but she have a lot of energy and always she's prepared to trot and canter. She's very obstinated, with a dominating personality.


Female - Breed: Menorcan (PRM) - 1994 - energetic and headstrong, always she prefer to go brisk. Good for beginners and intermediate riders.


Male - Mountain horse - 1996 - very quiet, perfect for children and begginers


Female - Breed: Menorquina alazana - 2008 - ideal for beginner-medium level riders


Female - PRM (Menorcan breed) - 1999 - She is a quite and hardy mare, perfect for long routes. Unhurried with the beginners, but active and obedient with the experienced riders.


Female - 2002 - Cross PRE - She is very quiet, perfect for beginners who are afraid or children.


Male - Menorcan (PRM) X Spanish/andalusian (PRE) - 2000 - Perfect for children with a medium-high horseriding level


Male - Crossed with hispanic-breton - 2.010 - Horse with a great physical strenght, young and tough, but docile and quite too. Good for all levels.


Female - Crossed with PRE - 2007 - thin, perfect for young riders with some experience. Active and agile.


Female - 2006 - Menorcan (PRM) x Quarter Apploosa - She is a small sized mare, but very active and obedient. It makes she ideal for children with a little experience, but also goes perfect with beginners.


Female - Menorcan breed (PRM) - 1996 - Mare with good physique, very provided, ideal for smaller riders as it is tiny and very quiet. Also ideal for adult beginners.


Female - Breed: French trotter X Arabian - 1996 - Fast, agile, sensible and powerful. A gem.