NEW excursion to Cala Fustam (beach)!


EXCURSION TO VISIT "CALA FUSTAM" (unspoilt beach) (2,5 hour - all levels)

This summer we will offer a new tour, in a 100% natural place, totally unspoilt, through rural ways away from villages and urbanizations.

This tour, which lasts approximately 2.5 hours, allowing us to discover a unknown landscape of the island covered with lush vegetation to the seashore. We can see some of the fabulous coves of the south coast: Cala Trebalúger, Cala Escorxada and Cala Fustam. In addition, in Cala Fustam we can go down to the beach with the horses, put the horses into the water, make us photos and make a short stop in case someone wants to rest.

CALA FUSTAM: In Menorca there are only two beaches where it is allowed to go riding on horseback. Both beaches are in the town of Es Migjorn Gran, near to our stables. If you want to ride on horseback on the beach, even in summer, consult our timetables to visit Cala Fustam and enjoy with the horses in the water (if you want, of course!). If you are an experienced rider, ask for the 3.5 hour tour through the south, in which we also visited the Binigaus beach .

If you are not interested in riding on the beach, remember that we still have the countryside routes through the forest ways and lands.