Frequently asked questions

  • Do you provide hard hats?
    Yes, all riders are provided with hard hats.
  • What clothes do I need?
    We recommend long trousers and trainers or shoes, not flip-flops. We supply hard hats to all riders, and have a supply of riding boots for those without sensible shoes. We also have body proctectors available for children for which there is a small charge.
  • Can my whole family do an excursion?
    Yes, we particularly welcome family groups. Babies and toddlers can travel with an adult on the cart, younger children can ride ‘double’ with a parent and older and more confident children can ride alone on a lead rein if necessary.
  • I have never ridden a horse before, can I do an excursion?
    Many nervous and ‘first time’ riders enjoy an excursion with us on a quiet horse, on a lead rein if you prefer.
  • I am a confident rider, will I have a good time?
    Yes, we will provide you with a fit horse and once we are happy that you are competent, we can take you for a fast and challenging ride.
  • Which horse will I ride?
    We have 30 well cared-for horses at Santa Rita, we pride ourselves on choosing a suitable horse so that every client has a great time.
  • Can I do the beach ride if I am on my own?
    Whenever possible we make up groups of similar ability for the beach excursion.Let us know when you want to ride and we will fit you in with other riders whenever we can.